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First gigavision panorama online

September 26, 2009
Our 1st gigavision picture. After countless hours of debugging mystery power issues and weird servo behavior, the gigavision system is installed and online at the Indiana dunes state park. It runs on solar power and we have access to the computer via cellular modem. We shot the first timelapses today. It shoots a 180 picture panorama every hour. Since the 3g connection is slow I resized one of the panoramas to 640×480 to download. The final panorama from the small pics is 22 megapixels. The full size ones will be more like a billion pixels per image. Check it out!

This is the first panorama stitched from our new gigavision system. This version was re-sized from the original billion pixel panorama so we could download it over the cellular wireless. Click here for the full sized image.
In the coming weeks, we’ll start creating some timelapses from the full size panoramas. We’re also planning to code the software so we can can take higher time-resolution shots of specific areas. Say, the full panorama at 1 per hour and single images or smaller panoramas of individual plants and trees every 5-10 minutes, etc. This will let  researchers get high time-resolution imagery of specific study plots and organisms.
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  1. John Myrstad permalink
    December 13, 2009 11:52 am

    Have you checked out the AutoPano Server solution ? It may do a better stitching job than the GigaPan Stitcher you seem to use.

    Cool project !! 🙂

    John Myrstad

    • timescience permalink*
      December 13, 2009 12:14 pm

      I use Autopano for stitching my hand-shot panoramas. I like it a lot since it gives you tons more control over the final image than the gigapan program does. However, I haven’t had much success stitching gigapixel scale panoramas (>100 images) with Autopano, it always seems to crash but I haven’t tried to hard to fix the problem and it may be specific to my machine. We have the gigpan stitcher automated to stitch incoming panos and it works pretty well. Rumor has it that gigapan will soon be coming out with an updated stitcher that is super-fast so we are looking forward to that.

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