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TimeScience has three product families spanning from online timelapse to sophisticated data capture and analysis tools.

  • TimeCam – Instant timelapse for any online camera
  • TimeGraph – Interactive online time-lapse and data co-visualization tools
  • TimeSystem – Desktop time-lapse recording and image analysis software
  • TimeWindow – Interactive time-lapse kiosk system
  • Gigavision – Multi-billion pixel time-lapse camera


Create a live time lapse from your webcam and put it on your website.

TimeCam.TV is the easiest and most affordable way to create a time lapse online.

• Attract repeat website visitors and media attention
• Make your website more exciting
• Set up in minutes, nothing to install
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Dynamic Realtime Graphing

Easily access and share online time-series data with the public and other researchers. The data visualization interface provides quick, intuitive access to a wide range of data types spanning multiple years and multiple data collection stations while maximizing usability.

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Recording for Science and Construction
The TimeSystem software suite is a revolutionary new software package that makes it easy to record and analyze video and image data. The TimeSystem is ideal for behavioral and ecological research.
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Incredible time lapse kiosk
Upgrade Your Tourist Attraction, Restaurant, or Hotel
Imagine looking out from the Eiffel Tower, or in Vancouver looking out over the ocean. What could make this experience even more incredible?
What if you could look through time?
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GigaPixel recording and playback

The Gigavision camera system is a solar-powered, weatherproof, wireless, multi-billion-pixel resolution camera system for recording ecosystem scale timelapse at a resolutions high enough to track growth of individual plants. Gigavision uses a computer-controlled 15 megapixel DSLR camera and 200mm lens to capture up to 300 images an hour over a 200° field of view for a total resolution per panorama of more than three billion pixels.

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Looking for something special? We can customize our software to your specifications. TimeScience offers complete customization and programming services.

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