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Gigavision – Billion pixel scale timelapse camera system

Project documentation and discussion of the Gigavision project

The Gigavision camera system is multi-billion-pixel resolution camera system for recording ecosystem scale timelapse at a resolutions high enough to track growth of individual plants. Gigavision uses a computer-controlled 15 megapixel DSLR camera and 200mm lens to capture up to 300 images an hour over a 200° field of view for a total resolution per panorama of more than three billion pixels. The system is solar-powered, weatherproof, and can automatically upload images to an off-site server via 802.11 wireless or cellular networks. Applied in a phenological context, this system enables researchers to make daily or hourly phenological observations at a resolution sufficient to track phenology in all the plants in an entire landscape.

This project is funded by the  Borevitz Lab at the University of Chicago.

Project Updates

Publications / Posters:

Brown, T, Borevitz, J, Zimmermann, C. 2010. Gigavision – A weatherproof, multibillion pixel resolution time-lapse camera system for recording and tracking phenology in every plant in a landscape. American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting. 2010, AGU:San Francisco.  (View the poster here:

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